We have observed that, invariably, our esteemed charterer, even though how much ever comfortable he may feel, looks for customization. Thus, as customization, begins to take shape into personalized service expectations, there comes a need to own an aircraft. We at PAR AIR, ensure that, this need is also fulfilled. We provide consulting services for acquiring an aircraft. This is an end to end consulting solution. Where in, we shall assist the client in the selection of the aircraft to induction to your existing fleet. If you are absolutely new to the industry, we handhold you, till the time you can run it independently.

Our Aircraft Management Team, can completely take charge of your aircraft, right from marketing to Operations to maintenance. It is an ultimate outsourced model, which can give you the absolute flamboyance of owning an aircraft, but still being hassle free of the regulatory authorities or being worry free of the Pilots and Other maintenance issues, thus, allowing you to fly as and when you feel like.