About Us

Par Air, is one of the leading aviation consulting organization, which has evolved through experience in the industry for more than a decade. We bring on the table the rich combination of experience and class. Although there has been so many aviation brokers, who are mushrooming, and claim themselves to be aviation consultants. Our key differentiator is technical know how, commitment and capability to maneuver things at your pace and convenience.

It is through profound experience we have learned that, every individual who flies, is coming from the highest echelons of the society. Whether it be Corporate honchos, Celebrities, Political Leaders and VVIPs, all have different needs and expectations. We as an air charter service provider have the capability to understand these needs and cater to them.

Our team has displayed, meticulous organization of every trip, with smooth transition from Chopper to Aircraft and vice-versa, be it any airport or be it any unknown destinations. Also, the inflight experiences has been appreciated by all our customers. We stretch and take lot of pain to ensure that, our esteemed customers get what they look for inside the aircraft, while travelling.

In-depth knowledge of the aircrafts, the geographical terrain(in case of helicopter) and technical possibilities of landing and take off, we provide absolute solutions, saving huge amount of time and also, planning time for the fliers. Thus, safety norms are strictly followed.

Our clientele list is a testimony in itself. More than 40 percent of the business comes through cross references, thus speaking about the high standards of services. Thus, whatever, we are, is because of our esteemed customers like you, who have been supportive and also maintaining a strong bond with us, reciprocatively.