Over 10 years since its establishment, ParAir has risen to being a go-to provider for private services in aviation on a global platform. The spectrum of services is divided into unique offerings, specific to every member. With this, we aim to redefine the perception of private aviation. 


Between the plethora of private jet charters, operators, and brokers, ParAir provides you the unique luxury of flying private whilst being flexible to specific travel needs; 


A single platform for all your aviation needs. We aim to charter aircrafts and helicopters that cater to your taste and comfort by offering the highest level of personalized services, all whilst keeping every safety protocol in mind. With us,  you experience unparalleled, end to end services.  A secure way to travel all around during uncertain times, with assurance of excellent operational standards, safety record and cleanliness. 

Think of it as a buffet, all you want, any time you want. It’s really just about you. ParAir is for you for when you wish to embark on your spiritual journey, to any pilgrimage with a peace of mind, seamless and serene. Access limitless ways of flying at the best pricing for your experiences. 

Seamless. Suave. Sophisticated. 

Come, unfold the world with ParAir.