We set about creating Air Charter Services/Air Cargo Services with a focus on providing first-rate service and excellent customer relations. He believed that if you go the extra mile for customers, they will always comeback, a premise that is at the heart of the company today.. Par Air has forayed in Air Cargo /Air Freight business and can get any type of Freighter Aircraft according to your need for transporting Cargo A strong logistics chain is the foundation for every successful air cargo delivery. PAR Air unlocks this competitive advantage for you through its experienced expediters, business longevity, relationships in the industry, advanced freight tracking technologies, and an extensive network of air carriers. PAR Air arranges express shipping by air, allowing us to arrange for the completion of any air cargo delivery globally in a matter of hours. As a freight broker, instead of maintaining our own aviation fleet, we coordinate the services of multiple cargo airlines to get your freight wherever you need it to be. This is the logistical strength and knowhow. We provides across all of its services. We dive deep into air cargo schedules and have an in-depth understanding of global cargo routes. We investigate each airline carefully, to determine whether they have the skills and resources to keep our clients’ items safe from start to finish. These critical business partnerships benefit our customers through competitive rates, superior service, and most importantly – getting to the destination on time with your air cargo safe and secure. No matter how tight a client’s deadline or how delicate the items they’re shipping, we have the resources and arrange for their delivery anytime, anywhere

Why PAR Air?

  • Safety – Our goal is that the air carrier delivers your supplies, parts and finished products in perfect condition

  • Speed – Through multiple transportation channels across the globe, country, or the city next door, seamlessly

  • Accessibility – With dedicated 24/7/365 customer service and detailed air cargo tracking information, regardless of the size of your freight

  • Convenience – Request shipping via phone or online with easy, straightforward instructions and understandable terms and conditions

  • Economical – Ship your air cargo without breaking the bottom line by selecting from an extensive selection of services to fit your budget

If you want the confidence and peace of mind that comes with our hands-on approach to arranging air cargo shipping, let PAR Air do the heavy lifting. We are the experts in freight expediting. Along with freight shipping via air, we also arrange total ground transportation. We track your air cargo from the clouds to the customer’s doorstep, this way there is total transparency in scheduling critical air freight. Stay on target with your shipping and fulfillment deadlines by choosing PAR Air air cargo brokering.

PAR Air Expertise

  • Exclusive use of the optimum aircraft operated by an air carrier matched to your shipment's needs, from turboprops to jumbo jets

  • The quickest shipment method available, period

  • Our industry expertise to match your shipment to the right air carrier with the right sized aircraft

  • Virtually zero limitations on shipment size

  • Around the clock availability, support and coverage

  • Onboard courier or air cargo chaperone services

  • Our global network logistics to arrange transportation to and from anywhere on the planet