Operational support is a meticulous support from our side, to handle your flight, thus, saving that extra expense and unnecessary co-ordination hassle. This we do it for across the globe. We take complete control of operations. We provide you with the exact movement of your aircraft, in any part of the world. Also, we ensure that, we give you personalized services for the without wasting a single minute fo your precious time.

Trip Support is a part of the Operations, we provide this specialized services, so that, you are rest assured that, whether it be your client or your crew, they are comfortable. Thus, making the sortie smooth


Ground Handling

Par Air has the expertise and tie-ups with leading brands of the world to recommend and arrange the most appropriate aircraft ground handling option for your flight. All you have to do is contact us for a customized solution for:

  • Private Jet Handling
  • VIP Handling
  • Passenger, Cargo, Ambulance Air crafts and Helicopters Handling
  • Push-back and towing
  • Marshaling
  • Crew support
  • Flight documentation and planning
  • Catering
  • Supervision & Representation
  • Hotel Arrangements
  • Crew Transportation
  • Passenger Transportation
  • VIP Transportation