By allowing Par Air to manage the maintenance, compliance, staffing and other duties required, enjoy all the benefits of ownership and none of the hassles with aircraft ownership.

As your Charter Partner, Par Air can:

  • Save you money. You’ll benefit from our discount fuel prices and fleet insurance discounts – as well as shared pilot crew costs.

  • Reduce your management hassles. Leave the crewing, coordinating, dispatch, fueling, hangar and financial oversight of your asset to us

  • Increase your aircraft utilization. If you are flying less, it makes even more sense to put your aircraft on charter. Low utilization can cause your aircraft to need extra inspections and maintenance. We apply a balanced approach to flying your aircraft while maintaining its value.


At Par Air , we hire people for a career. We look for talented, hardworking employees who are committed to each other, our customers and our consumers.

We consider full-time, part-time and contract applicants. We will provide the support and training or recertification to type, you provide us with the dedication and professionalism to deliver high quality regional operator services.

If you are think you are the one for the charter industry, feel free to contact us.


The Indian aviation industry is expected to witness a customary growth in the coming future irrespective of the recent past or the present recession period. Thus the requirement of skilled professionals and a high class of aviation services would be required to match the growing demand. Our mission is to enable these facilities and services as per the demand of the market and the industry.

Par Air have extensive experience in all areas of aircraft and ground training. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality helicopter flight training and airplane flight training at an affordable price. Everything from minor and major systems malfunctions, on-board fires, cabin decompression and emergency landing procedures are trained, practiced, and checked in the simulators. In the unlikely event of an actual emergency, you can be rest assured that our pilots and flight crew have been fully trained for all contingencies and have the experience to handle any situation with the highest level of confidence and professionalism.

Whether you are interested in becoming an airplane pilot or a helicopter pilot, you will be thoroughly impressed with our flight training techniques and our commitment to ensuring you have the best possible experience.


Market Support is a unique concept, wherein, we take complete charge of your aircraft and use it for Charter.

To market an aircraft it needs to be presentable. We are here to make it one. We shall take complete responsibility of the exteriors(Refurbishment) and interiors(Aircraft Interiors) of your aircraft.

Whether it be an Aircraft or a Helicopter  you need a place to Land, Park and keep it in Protected area. We have a World Renowned, ICAO(International Civil Aviation Organisation) approved and trained technical expertise to cater to this needs too.


Par Air dedicated team of trained technicians provide comprehensive maintenance, repair and overhaul services, completions and modification services for business aircraft. We deliver a full range of services, tailored to your aircraft’s requirements and to your personal vision.

Whether it is function or flair, or a comfortable combination of both, as our client you can be assured of a premium quality finish. With our state of the art facilities, we offer you the very best in up-to-date refinishing procedures.

Our refined paint process produces a very high quality product, prolongs the lifetime of these finishes and protects an aircraft from the elements for years.

Aircraft Interiors

Upgrading your aircraft interior or exterior can be a challenging process.Par Air will help you design and build an aircraft that reflects your vision and passion.

We hand-craft almost every aspect of an aircraft interior which include:

  • Cabinetry construction and modification
  • Seat upholstery design and refurbishment
  • Soft Good Enhancements
  • In-Flight Entertainment Installation
  • Custom Exterior Paint
  • Cabin Configuration Alterations