Our commitment towards sustainable aviation growth, with global standards of safety, shall usher in the changes it brings to the economy. Our technical capabilities and expertise of development of Low Cost Airports and Heliports shall bring in the value proposition, you are looking for. The responsibility does not end here. We ensure that the operational cost is also sustainable. So that, the service providers do not pass on the operational expenses to the travelling public.

Par Air Pvt. Ltd. has panel of experts, who has been in the approval committee of DGCA. They are qualified, PHDs from IIT and are specialised professionals from the industry.These are technocrats and stalwarts, who has experience in constructing Heliports across the country.

Low Cost Airports
Our goal is to develop sustainable low cost airports. These airports would have facilities for 40 – 70 seater aircrafts to land. It can also create a facilitation for regional aviation development.

Heliports can play very important role to support the growth for General Aviation. We are also looking forward to develop low cost heliports for specific VIP movements.

Others Areas of Focus:

  • Helipads
  • Taxiway Lighting
  • Waste Water Management
  • Water Recycling
  • Horticulture and Beautification of Airport

Airworthiness Management

Safety is of paramount importance in the aviation industry. There are various levels at which checks are conducted. In a typical general aviation circumstances, there are five to six departments – Operations, Maintenance, Marketing & Sales, Finance, Administration and HR.

Out of these, the Operations and the Maintenance are the two areas, where the safety audit is conducted in depth as these are the departments which come under the survelliance ambit of Civil Aviation Authorities.

There is a saying in Aviation, “Maintenance Kills”. Although maintenance is an aspect to keep the aircraft airworthy and thus creating a cohesive safety environment. In India, still we still lag behind in terms of maintenance of aircraft. We wait for problems and then search for fixing the issue. Also, no Snag Analysis is done.  Thus, trying to go deeper to find the problem and fix it forever.

Par Air Brings you with the concept of Preventive MaintenanceTM . This saves the cost of maintenance and downtime of the machine.

We commit to fly the aircraft at least 300 days in a year.

We also provide you with CAMO(Continuous Airworthiness Management Organisation) solutions. We have experts in the panel, who can audit the MROs, for Quality and Safety Standards