Domestic Charter

Charters are a flexible and economical alternative to aircraft ownership . We co-ordinate all aspects of the charter and hire any type of aircraft, world-wide. Private charter, business charter or tourism charter – we customize your travel arrangements to match the aircraft to your needs and budget, providing you the most efficient aircraft matched to your mission.

With Par Air, you can be assured of :

  • A Modern and Versatile Fleet
  • Professional, Personal and Discreet Service
  • Highest Standards of Safety
  • Experienced Staff
  • Flexible Routes and Flight Plans
  • Privacy and Security

Global Charters

You wanna be left with you and your family in an exotic destination, we are there for you.

You want us to organize for a flamboyant big fat wedding in an exotic destination, we are there for you. No matter how big or small your guest list is, we can do it for you seamlessly.

You know, we are there for your honeymoon! We ensure your privacy, so that you cozy up in your customized aircraft.

We have trained professionals, who can take care of you valued VVIPs and close important relatives.