Aircraft Parts Support

We are here to be leaders in the market. Parts selling is an unorganized segment in the aviation industry. There is no control over the cost or any defined standard. This may lead to repeated occurrence of the same problem in the same area.

We not only sell part, our team of engineers understand the issue and try to provide a solution to the same, so that the snag does not occur again.

Par Air offers extensive aircraft parts repair and overhaul services for avionics, instruments, parts, and accessories. Our goal is to provide you with your required part or accessory, at the best price available and within the shortest time possible.

Whether you are looking for an obscure part for your older aircraft, or a replacement part for your new aircraft, Par Air has it. Moreover, our consignment program gives us access to hard-to-find parts and unbeatable prices and our sales representatives have the contacts to find whatever you need.

Aircraft Protection Plans

An aircraft has three major areas which needs attention – The Airframe, The Engine and the Avonics. Every maintenance program fall under these three categories.

Protection Plans are like insurance. These are sold on hypothetical assumption of a snag, specifically in India, where the aircrafts are parked in the open and left to the mercy of different temperatures and weather conditions. These are predominantly sold by OEMs and the costs are very high.

Invariably the Operator is not in a position to negotiate a deal out of the same. We are there to analyse the maintenance history of the aircraft and recommend the parts to be covered under the plan.

Par Air also handles the installation expertise, with avionics upgrades that increase the safety, performance and value of your aircraft


Par Air helps aircraft owners obtain aviation insurance at the best price and with the right coverage. We provide Aircraft Insurance Services to cover client’s interest and their assets.

Insurance against eventualities such as accidents and injuries, third party damage, loss of revenue and loss of license makes the aviation process safer and smoother for pilots, crew members and passengers.

In consultation with you, our aviation insurance experts will provide a comprehensive insurance solution that can cover:

  • Aircraft spares and equipment insurance
  • Passenger liability insurance
  • Passenger, Cargo, Ambulance Aircraft and Helicopters Handling
  • Personal accident and/or illness insurance for passengers and crew
  • Pilot’s Loss of license
  • Helicopter insurance
  • Aircraft Insurance


Liaising with statutory bodies is an important work, as it requires knowledge and wherewithal of the regulatory bodies.

Whether it be permissions to conduct checks or training and post approval documents, we are there for you.

We are there to provide end to end solution for every liaising activity.