Purchasing an aircraft is a complex and in most cases a difficult task.
Let Par Air save you time, effort, and money by managing all of your aviation needs. We will assist you step by step through the process of acquisition, certification, maintenance, and operation of your aircraft while offering a wide variety of value added benefits.


We as a consultant, educate the customer, through and through, the cost of acquisition and the subsequent cost, incurred during the lifetime of the ownership.

We take absolute responsibility, of the rigmaroles of the acquisition from the selection, clearance of the regulatory bodies and technical support. Thus, making it a great experience for an aircraft owner.


  • Aircraft Selection – Analysis
  • According to the Mission Specifications
  • Budgets of the customer
  • Frequency of travel to various destinations


After acquisition of the aircraft from the point of initiation at the local level,to the point of flying the aircraft, we take complete responsibility . Our role would be to handhold your organization, till the time you feel necessary.

We also, support in terms of marketing the aircraft for charters, during the idle time. Thus, reducing the fixed cost burden significantly.

Over a period of time, we can assist you to trade of the aircraft for a larger one.

As, the relation continuous, we are their to assist you in terms of travel by charter, through any other aircrafts, which may not be similar.


Initiation into the fleet or if new, start the flying.

  • By recruitment of trained pilots
  • Trained manpower for operations
  • Trained manpower for technical

If outsourced – Aircraft Management

  • Complete Marketing
  • Recruitment & Training
  • Statutory & Regulatory Checks
  • Operations


Our in-house aircraft sales team reduces the confusion and stress of used aircraft transactions by managing the process for you. We support our clients through every step of the aircraft sales process, from directing an ambitious marketing and media program able to reach all potential buyers, to responding immediately to inquiries and qualifying interested parties. We see every transaction through from contract to final closing, including all inspections and demonstrations.


  • Market Analysis & Trends
  • Aircraft Inspection and Records Audit
  • Aircraft Evaluation
  • Marketing aircraft for Sale and/or Lease
  • Transaction Preparation
  • Closing and Delivery